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   Paul McGinniss

New York City   United States
Business & Workplace Coaching: Accountability and a Space to Think for Busy Exec

Bus. Phone: 516-216-4233

Mobile: 516-220-1652

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20+ years business experience
MS in Human Resources Management
President, Long Island Coaching Alliance Inc – an ICF chapter
ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
Certified Strategic Business Leadership (SBL®) Coach
Successful in sales, management, service, and learning & development
Sought after mentor and coach in the numerous companies for which he worked
Accomplished media industry professional
Marathon runner
Indestructible Sense of Humor

As A Coach

Paul is known for his integrity, his transparency, his flexibility, and his ability to see humor in any situation. He offers an objective voice and provides a level of accountability sufficient to help his clients create the kind of progress they desire. Paul uses a brain-based approach to coaching to facilitate insight and results for his clients. He realizes busy people need a place to step out of the fire and strategically think about what they’re doing in a way that maximizes results.

Client Base

Paul's clients are successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and workplace executives who realize the value of an objective, strategic thinking partner. They are willing to invest in themselves be challenged and stretched in a productive way. They are looking for someone to ask the kind of tough questions that can help generate new ways of thinking and behaving, which in turn will generate new results.


Paul is an exceptional executive that brings his unique corporate experience into his new role in executive coaching. He has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by people in the workplace and his commitment and caring comes across in his client engagements. ~Abe Cytryn, Chief Technology Officer, Time Inc.

Paul's coaching expertise transcends genres from technical to emotional to practical to spiritual, all of which are relevant in today's workplace. He has an uncanny ability to help you view your goals from different angles and refine them with fresh perspectives so that they are at once realistic and achievable. ~Christine Cuccio Radlmann, Director at The Craftique Creations and Promotions

I have known Paul a very long time and can always count on him. I had the good fortune of leveraging his capabilities/experience for one of my accounts. He did an incredible job, under tough circumstances, and now the client can’t wait for another opportunity to bring him back in.

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